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In Ground Dog Fence

If you’ve been thinking about a way to keep your dog safe on your property, you’ve likely considered getting an in ground dog fence. If you haven’t, this would be a good time to learn how an underground dog fence can help you keep your dog safely on your property.

Look, dogs are smart! Even with a natural fence for your dog, he or she can get out if that’s what they wanted. They’ll find a way to jump your fence or dig under it. Unfortunately, both are ways your dog can get hurt or worse. We understand keeping your dog safe is important, this is why recommend a wireless pet fence for your home. When you consider a wireless dog fence is more affordable, it’s a no brainer decision on what you should choose. Traditional dog fencing can cost you thousands of dollars. On top of that, it’s going to be a boundary that blocks your view. If you don’t want that, an in ground dog fence may be the way to go.

An in ground dog fence is exactly as advertised, it’s an underground dog fence. You may be wondering just how a wireless pet fence can keep your dog in the yard, I’ll explain that now.

Why Should I Get An In Ground Dog Fence?

There’s a few reasons why an in ground dog fence is a wise investment.

  • Customized To Your Yard – With an underground dog fence, we can customize your wireless dog fence any way that you want.
  • Great Coverage – Our in-ground dog fence can cover multiple acres without a problem.
  • No Visible Marks – Your dog fence will be placed underground, no visible changes to your property will be seen.
  • Affordable – In-ground dog fencing can save you thousands of dollars compared to a traditional fence.

How It All Works

You’re going to have the opportunity to set your dog’s boundaries by burying wires in your yard. Your furry pal will get a special containment dog collar. This collar is important because a transmitter will send that collar a signal when your dog is approaching the boundary of your in ground dog fence. Your dog will become familiar with the tones he or she hears from the collar. If your dog crosses the pet fence boundary, they will hear a correction and it will let them know to get back in the boundary. This is why in ground dog fences are the best pet fence type to get.

It will allow you to

  • Keep your dog in your yard.
  • Don’t worry about digging or jumping a fence.
  • Allows you to set your dog’s boundaries.

How Many Dogs Do You Have?

If you’re worried about having multiple dogs, don’t worry, we can help you protect all of your dogs. You won’t need a new transmitter, it doesn’t matter how many more pets you want to add. You just need one pet fence system to keep all your pets safe. When you consider it all, these are the main reasons people are choosing to go with in ground dog fences.

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