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9 Reasons Why You Need An Electric Pet Fence For Your Pets

Anyone that has a love for animals knows that our pets become family. You have to be a pet owner to fully understand, but our pets can become a big part of our lives. Having a pet is a full-time responsibility. You have to feed them, train them, make sure they get exercise and during this process, our pets become a part of our lives. And just as we do with our children, we have to be responsible for their safety.

One of the greatest technological advances in the pet industry has been the electric pet fence. For those of you that don’t know about electric pet fences, these are non-visible fences that keep your pet where you want them to be. Quite impressive actually, these pet fences are very reliable and completely safe.

Now that you know a little about hidden pet fences, here’s 9 great reasons to own the electronic pet fence.

(1) Keep your pet within a boundary without a fence

With a wireless pet fence, you’ll be able to choose the exact perimeter you want to keep your pet within. Some people don’t want fences on their property or simply, they may not believe in the investment. But if you have a pet, you want to keep your dog or cat in a specific location. With the electric pet fence, you can safely keep your pet inside the property.

(2) Hidden pet fence keeps your pets safe

Pet safety is always important for your little ones and the hidden pet fence solves your insecurity about leaving your pet unattended. Life happens and there’s nothing we can do about it. You know how pets are, in the blink of an eye, your dog or cat can run off. Colorado Pet Fence understands this better than anyone and we want your pets to always be safe.

(3) No more babysitting your pets

With our electric pet fence, your pet will be forced to stay within the boundaries. With children running around, or being committed to your daily task, it can be easy for your pet to run off. Some of you may even work from home. While we always try to keep a close eye on our pets, sometimes they get away. With our pet fence, you won’t have to worry about your pet escaping your yard.

(4) Electric Pet Fence is completely safe for your pets

I know that some of you may be timid about the term, “electric pet fence.” I’ll be honest, I was to the first time I heard it. However, our electric pet fences are completely safe, your pets will not be harmed using it. An audible tone and adjustable static correction from your pet’s collar will not hurt him or her. And did I mention it is VET approved?

(5) Hidden fencing is very affordable

We get asked all the time, “sounds like that’s expensive, how much does it cost?” Truth be told, our electric pet fences are very affordable. It will likely cost you substantially more money to put up a fence than to purchase our underground pet fence. In fact, you can call today and we’ll give you a free quote, no questions asked.

(6) No more worries about living close to the road

When you live close to a road or street, you have to keep an extra eye on your pets. But what happens if you have an over-anxious pet that runs out the door when you come home? Bad timing can be the difference between safety and a bad accident. And for pet owners, this is the last thing we want. With the electronic pet fence installed, you’ll never have to worry about your pet running in the road again.

(7) We GUARANTEE to keep your pet safe

How many other businesses can guarantee that your pet will be safe? Not many, but Colorado Pet Fence can. The peace of mind alone is worth this investment for your pets. We fully understand what you pet means to you and we’ll ensure that your pet is ALWAYS safe with us.

(8) Our Electronic Dog Fence works on any sized property

It doesn’t matter if you have a small yard or a large yard, our electric dogt fence will work effectively. If you have a large unfenced property and want to make sure your pet stays safe, our electric pet fence is for you. If you have a fenced yard that your dogs is escaping from, we can help.  Our amazing technology makes it possible and now you can be worry-free when you pet plays outside!

(9) No-Risk 100% MONEY BACK containment guarantee

Keeping your pet safe is what it’s all about, right? We stand behind our hidden fences. If the system fails to contain your pet anytime during the first year, we will assist you with adjustments or retraining at no charge. If these attempts fail – we will remove the system and give you a full refund – that even includes the installation charge.

(10) The Rechargeable Dog Collars will save you a lot of money

How about a bonus one?

If you already have a wireless pet fence, you already know how expensive dog collars are. With the Colorado Pet Fence system, you get rechargeable dog collars, this can add up to a lot of money over the course of a year. If you have a few dogs, the savings can be big. Learn more about our rechargeable pet fence collars.

Still Hesitate About Buying A Pet Fence?

If you still have a questions or concerns, or you just want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to ask. We’re always here to help you with anything you need.

You can reach us at 303-725-4800.

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