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Rechargeable Collars

Freedom and Safety for your Dog, Peace of Mind for You!

Locally Owned Right Here In Denver, Colorado

We Are The One With RECHARGEABLE Collars

Colorado Pet Fence features containment systems that use Rechargeable Collars. This extremely popular feature can save you up to $840 in battery costs over the average lifetime of each dog in your household. This enables Colorado Pet Fence to offer the “Lowest Cost of Ownership” of any professionally installed containment system in the Denver/Front Range Area. (Our competition charges up to $70 per dog / per year for their Battery Plan. Over a 12 year average lifespan of dog, this ends up costing you about $840). Let’s face it, the only reason that franchises still use batteries for their collars is because it s a huge profit center for their business. Plain and simple, there is absolutely no longer any need for batteries with these types of systems. Batteries for dog collars are a thing of the past…unless you enjoy throwing your money away every couple months!

Over 250+ 5 Star Reviews On Google

As a locally owned business operating out of Denver, Colorado, we take pride in the services we deliver for every customer we get to work with. Thanks to all of you for supporting us through the years and we look forward to helping those of you that give us the opportunity to take care of all your pet fence needs.25

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The Collar That Will Keep Your Dog Safe

Yes, this one is working … you can tell by the flashing green light.

This is the rechargeable collar we use here at Colorado Pet Fence, it flashes green every few seconds to assure you that it is working and will keep your dog safe. If the light blinks red or stops flashing, then it is time for a charge. So, everyday when you put the collar on your dog, you will know FOR SURE that your collar is working properly.

Our Competitor’s Battery Collars

Unlike our rechargeable collars here at Colorado Pet Fence that have a green flashing light to let you know your dog is safe, our competitor’s collars have a wide range of issues that risk your pet’s safety. One of our close competitors don’t even have a light on their collar. The others that do have have a flashing light that only blinks when the battery is low. When that battery dies, it doesn’t blink anymore. You can clearly see how this can risk your pet’s safety, not to mention worrying you. You’ll never have to worry about that with our rechargeable collar, just another added benefit for choosing Colorado Pet Fence.

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Happy Customers

Dog owners can relax knowing their pet is safe in the yard and we back it with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Hundreds of customers have trusted us for all their wireless dog fence needs. Compare Colorado Pet Fence vs Invisible Fence® – see the differences for yourself here.

Highly Recommended Electric Pet Fence

For more than 10 years, Colorado Pet Fence customers have enjoyed a better life with their pets because of our customer service, unlimited training, risk-free promise, and expert installation.

Stylish Collars

Your dog or cat will look stylish with our Lupine® collars.

Colorado Pet Fence®

Colorado Pet Fence® is locally owned and operated, based here in Denver, Colorado. We’ve helped thousands of local residents install brand new pet fence systems, as well as repairing Invisible Fence®, Pet Safe®, PetSafe® Professional, DogWatch® and others. With over 10+ years of experience and over 100+ verified Google reviews, Colorado Pet Fence® is your top local pet fence installer.

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