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As a locally owned pet fence company operating out of Denver, Colorado, we take pride in the services we deliver for every customer we get to work with. Thanks to all of you for supporting us through the years and we look forward to helping those of you that give us the opportunity to take care of all your pet fence needs.  You will see the difference in customer service level from our family run, Colorado owned, independent company.


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Here is a testimonial that you can share, if helpful. My Golden Retriever loves her new found freedom to roam the yard and live her best life ever thanks to Dale and his team at Colorado Pet Fence. I greatly appreciate the added peace of mind that our girl can play while understanding safe boundaries. Colorado Pet Fence has been impressively responsive, professional and easy to work with. Thank you again Dale and Team!
Courtney S.
Louisville, CO.
Hi, Dale – Hope all is going well with you and yours, AND your pet fence business! We are grateful for you every day that we have our dog and she is near the house. And we are even MORE grateful on the days when our neighbor’s dog comes up to visit since he has wandering ways and is forever causing his owner to have to go hunt for him. I did have what likely counts as a stupid question, and it is one that I’m sure you answered for us way back when we were going thru the install and training process (of course, that’s more than five years ago now, so I guess it’s ok to forget things now and again!). The question is on when/how to let Hailey (the dog) cross the fence. Specifically, is there ever a situation when she can? Thanks for the help! Pam
Pam B.
Berthoud, CO.
Hi Dale. I still refer you as the product and after support and training have all been top notch! Fence is working beautifully! Thank you, Brad
Brad M.
Golden, CO.
Good morning Dale. My name is Scott and you installed a fence at our home back in March. We’re in the Pine Bluffs neighborhood of Parker. We couldn’t be happier with the install process, training plan, or completed project. The fence works beautifully, but it has led to a “problem” I’m hoping you can help solve. Our dog loves to lay in the front yard where he can bask in the sun and see the world go by. We now have good Samaritans who knock on our door (a couple times a month it seems) to be sure we know our dog is “loose” outside. We certainly appreciate their kind intent but are wondering if it would be useful to put up a couple more of your signs to reduce Samaritan worry and the periodic visits. Any chance we could get 2-3 signs to post along the sidewalk (we’re on a corner)? Thanks again for your excellent guidance and installation! We’ll continue to recommend you to friends. Scott (and Marilyn)
Scott & Michelle B.
Parker, CO.
Dale, Thanks for the installation today. It's nice working with a professional. Your teaching your son well. Ed
Ed S.
Breckenridge, CO.
Dale and his assistant showed up on time, listened to what we wanted done and went to work. They were friendly and helpful. Dale likes dogs. He was good with Rocky and Max. Dale took one dog at a time and showed us how to introduce them to our new fence. This training was important and it was effective. Dale has good communication skills. Dale listened to what we wanted done. He suggested another path to our garage where the transmitter would be installed. We did not agree. Dale said he would do what we wanted. We do most of the work around our home and are experienced Do It Yourself people. Dale respected our opinions and did what we asked and had a great attitude. The saw machine that places the cable makes a very small slit in the ground - not very noticeable. We highly recommend the Colorado Pet Fence invisible fence product and their work. Dale is very professional and he is easy to work with and does what he promises.
Jim & Barb F.
Mead, CO.
My husband and I have a house on 2 acres and needed a pet fence for our older dog. Off to Pet Smart, bought the electric fence kit, and on our hands and knees for 3 days, installed the wire around the perimeter of the acreage . We never did get our dog trained correctly, we didn't do it right. We now have a new puppy (Sam) that needs to be trained to stay in the yard, so we called Dale at Colorado Pet Fence. The installation, set up and our instruction was very professional. Dale was so thorough with us and made sure we completely understood the system and how to train Sam before he left. We are writing this review a week after the installation, and Sam is completely trained to the boundaries and won't dare cross the fence. We are very impressed and would highly recommend Dale and his crew. Great job..Thanks Dale
Diane W.
Windsor, CO.
Good morning Dale - so far so great with our fence training. It is a game changer first thing in the morning 😉 And the dogs are loving free play time in the yard without being leashed all the time.
Jeannie K
Windsor, CO.
Hi Dale, Just wanted to let you know that we’re 11 days in with our new fence and feel confident leaving the dogs asleep on the front porch. The training process took about 3 days, but we took a full 7 days to continue to working with them. The dogs haven’t had to face any huge temptations, so we’ll see how we’re doing when they face a bear, but I’m confident they’ll do fine. Thanks so much!
Jessica E.
Sedalia, CO.
Good Morning, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and patience with me on the fence. Yesterday Rocky went outside and the lab next door was out and he started to take off to see him and stopped before he got to the fence! My husband was convinced Rocky would never learn how it worked. I know I was a pain with all my questions and I really appreciate your time and kindness always helping me. Thank you again for your help!!! Amy
Amy H.
Severance, CO.
Colorado Pet Fence is a wonderful company with great professional service that pays attention to the little things of a client's needs. Dale is very responsive and his teams are very talented and have the "can do" approach to the most difficult challenges. Our little Peeka and Boo are the most spunky little devils....and I was a bit apprehensive that the electronic fence concept would be able to train these two "balls of curiosity!" To my amazement and pleasure it worked! Call Colorado Pet Fence and I am sure you will be pleased with the results!
Theodore D.
Castle Rock, CO.
We are so grateful for the professional work that Colorado Pet Fence did for us. Reliable and the job was done perfectly. Foxy learned quickly and we are so happy that she does not escape into the mountains. Dale was courteous and answered all of my concerns, his communication skills are stellar! It's a great system, much better than the Invisible Fence brand we had in Seattle, love the rechargeable batteries and the backup system for when the power goes out and most of all how effective it is. Dale made the learning process easy. Would recommend Dale and his company in a heartbeat! Our Backyard! No more leashes in the backyard!
Linda S.
Golden, CO.
HI Dale. This is Jamie Martin. Just wanted to let you know how well the dogs obey the fence and how happy we are that we made the choice to go with you. We leave them out for hours at a time sometimes during the day and we never once worry about them. Your service has been excellent and we tell everyone about your company. Actually our neighbors will be calling you soon as they got 2 new dogs and want the electric fence. Hope business is well. Thx again!!! Here is a pic of the boys if you wanna put them on your site.
Frank & Jamie M.
Evergreen, CO.
Dale is a truly professional, caring individual. He is very dedicated to his clients and their pets. I was going on vacation and the electric collar stopped working so he sent a new one overnight to my friend to help out. My dog also NEVER leaves the yard, with the colorado pet fence. Great company and highly recommended.
Jennifer K.
Arvada, CO.
Dale, The fence is working perfectly. All three beagles respect the fence. We only had one dog run across at the beginning and she froze as soon as that happened. They have chased deer and stopped at the line. Toys have rolled past fence and they stopped. Other dogs have walked by and they watched. I am very impressed. No elk or deer have damaged it yet. Look forward to the permanent install once the ground thaws. I may want to slightly change boundary. I was reluctant and I just wanted you to know it works great and I am confident in it now. Thank you, Brad
Brad M.
Golden, CO.
Hi Dale, Loving the fence you did for me and dogs are trained. It has been a pure blessing. I just adopted/foster failed a 7 month old pup and wondered what I need to do to get him a collar that will work with my fence so I can get him trained to it as well. Thanks, Traci N
Traci N.
Golden, CO.
Awesome!!! Thank you!! We love the fence, BTW. It’s been fantastic for us and our 3 Golden’s!! Have a great day, Amy
Amy Y.
Evergreen, CO.
Want a fence done right? Dale knows how to do it. He came out (on time) and installed my fence with quality products, (heavy gauge solid core wire and pvc where necessary) at a fair price. My dog was too young to train and Dale volunteered to come back in a month for training. Now that’s customer service!
John D.
Thorton, CO
Dale was very professional and very thorough. His was one of the few companies that offered a money back guarantee which tells me he believes in his quality. Dale and his team were quick and professional. My dog caught on straight away and has not escaped since! I had to text Dale a couple of times with questions and he got back to me right away! So, A + customer service!
Linda A.
Colorado Springs, CO.
Nigel says thank you. He was very grateful to have his yard back. No problem respecting his boundaries. Thank you so much. We love your system.
Linda W.
Pine, CO.
We moved into a new house and our dog quickly learned to hop our physical fence in backyard, and subsequently all the neighbor's fences! She is a hunter and would just follow her nose, never to be seen again for hours. Dale installed the invisible fence and not only our dog's world, but OUR world has completely changed, for the BETTER! Dale was on time, efficient and patient with us during training. After a week, we were able to let our dog, Zoe, off leash and we haven't had a problem since! She hasn't escaped and is a much happier dog overall! Her good mood has improved ours and in the end, this has been a complete life change - we are so thankful!!
Kaitlin V.
Littleton, CO.
We just recently moved to the area with our three dogs and by far the most stressful part of getting settled here entailed making certain that our dogs were going to be safe and happy. Moving from rural Texas to the intersection of two very busy streets in Castle Pines was quite an adjustment and I was terrified that the collar wouldn't work on our two Great Pyrenees (were they too furry?) and our South Texas Squirrel Dog (was he too crazy?). Dale was so kind and assured me that not only would it work, but that it would be life changing, which it has truly turned out to be. They now spend their days racing around the property, barking at UPS trucks - and yet they are totally safe and secure. It has made all the difference in our lives and we are so grateful!
Jeanie S.
Castle Pines, CO.
Bottom Line : If you want to contain your dog and want to maintain a loving, trusting relationship with them, CALL DALE WITH COLORADO PET FENCE!! We considered installing a pet fence on our own but, after researching, Dale's customers had good feedback. We have two rescues, one of which can be very sensitive and timid, so we wanted help training from an expert. BEST DECISION!!! Dale was very communicative and cooperative, working around Colorado snow storms to install in winter. He and his crew did a flawless job... the quality of cable and professional-looking installation was much better than we expected or could have done ourselves (and we are pretty good with DIY projects). Dale spent well over an hour training me and our two unique and ornery dogs. When he left, I felt completely prepared for the training process and knew our dogs were set up for success. We're still within the training window and things are going SO WELL!!! Our dogs would have been freaking out if we didn't listen to Dale's specific guidance. They are having fun training and will LOVE freedom to roam without a leash or large fence very soon.
Megan S.
Littleton, CO.
Dale, I have been meaning to send this note. We are so happy with the fence I cannot put it into words. Murphy sits on the front lawn and just watches everybody walk by. He will NOT cross the line for any reason. The only way to get him to go out of the boundary is to pick him up or in a car. We are so impressed with him. It’s so nice to just let him out the front door every morning and leave him all day. He comes in when he wants. Best $2,000 I ever spent!!. BTW my niece has the other guy’s fence and has no control over the power box and no rechargeable collars. I certainly made the right choice. Great product and even better service!! If you are in the area stop by and see Murphy in action. Thanks,
Mike R.
Parker, CO.
Dale with Colorado pet fence installed our pet fence and when we had our sprinkler system installed the guys accidentally cut the line. When we realized the fence was broken and called Dale he was incredibly punctual, and made us a priority. This was not the fault of Colorado Pet fence, but Dale and his crew came to the house, traced the wire to the break, and repaired the wire. When I asked for the bill, Dale told me there would be no charge . What an outstanding service he provides. He helped ensure we would have no issues with our dog jumping the fence and helped us train him. We are now lifelong customers of CO pet fence and will use them for all our dog fencing needs in the future. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for this product and service.
Patrick G.
Englewood, CO.
Dale Huskey (owner and installer) arrived on time for both estimate appointment and installation appointment. He had terribly rainy weather on day of installation but persevered through it and worked 9+ hours to get the job done. He could have rescheduled but I could tell his customer's satisfaction and best interest was his priority. He wanted to complete the job on the scheduled date. I very much appreciated his effort. Dale gave us great advice on how he wished to set up our hidden fence that would work best for our property. His advice with the quality of his product has been very successful in training our three Springer Spaniels not to leave our property and remain safe. Dale has got to be the nicest man on earth and we highly recommend his service and product. We love the rechargeable batteries on the training collars!
Holly S.
Centennial, CO
We were having a terrible time with our dogs ruining our landscaping. A friend mentioned that I should look into invisible fencing. I looked it up on the internet and made a call to invisible fencing. Not knowing if the estimate was inline or not I called another fencing company, Colorado Pet Fence. I talked to the owner, Dale, and was very impressed with him. After explaining why I called and that I had already talked with invisible fence, Dale took the time to tell me about his fence company and why he was the better choice. First of all, CPF is local. His system does the same thing as the other fence companies but one big advantage is the collars. They have rechargeable batteries. This is huge because invisible fence requires you to replace the batteries several times a year. The batteries cannot be bought anywhere but invisible fence, and they’re expensive. With Dale’s collars, all you do is place the collar on top of the controller and 12-14 hours later(overnight) the collar is charged. Dale came by and walked the yard to help him figure out an estimate. He was very polite and professional. Our two dogs liked him right away and I could tell that he was excellent with animals. After Dale crunched the numbers he had a better price than invisible fence and I could just tell by talking to him that his company was the one to go with. We had Dale come over when the snow finally melted and he got right to work. He asked a lot of questions as he installed the perimeter wire, taking great care to get it installed right. He was able to get the system installed in a day and he was training us on how to use it the same day! Dale was excellent with our dogs and just awesome with his customer service skills. He was very patient with us as we learned how to get started. He took one dog at a time and showed us how to introduce them to the new fence. Pretty simple, really. Just have to be consistent is all. That was it. The fence was installed and training taken care of, all in a very short time. Dale handed everything off to us and headed out. However, like I mentioned before about customer service, he called back later in the day to check and see how everything was going and see if we had any more questions. As it turns out we were doing great and the dogs were learning quickly. Dale also texted us the next two days to see how progress was going. As of this writing the dogs are pretty well trained and we couldn’t be happier. We would “highly” recommend Dale and Colorado Pet Fence to anyone looking for invisible fencing. We would be happy to take calls at 303-663-4115 or send an email inquiry to kevnjanee@q.com. Thanks Dale!
Kevin and Janee P.
Castle Rock, CO
System works great. Colorado Pet Fence was very conscientious and detail oriented with the install. Very responsive when I email with a question. Exceptionally professional service and communication. The installation was quick and seamless. My yard was treated as if it was their own with regard to care and cleanup. My neighbor commented that he couldn’t even tell where the fence was installed in the grassy, landscaped or concrete areas! The training was thorough, and they did not leave until we knew exactly how to work the system comfortably. Since installation, I called with training and equipment questions, which were answered promptly and thoroughly. If you follow the training, the dogs figure it out quickly. My dogs would bolt out the front door or garage out into the street before, and now a barking dog can walk by on the sidewalk and they stay in the yard! I would HIGHLY recommend his company.
Carolyn and Rob R.
Aurora, CO
Dale of Colorado Pet Fence is a first-rate technician who really knows his stuff. He was willing to live with the shoddy installation (and frankly shoddy equipment until we just couldn’t make it work) that he “inherited” from Invisible Fence that did the original installation. He did everything he could do to keep cost at a minimum while ensuring that he delivered a quality resolution. After fixing the main issue by replacing the failing Invisible Fence transformer with a new and much more powerful solution, along with the re-chargeable collar (which is working great – no batteries to mess with) – he replaced several areas of the perimeter fencing that had been installed with exposed wiring that had defied the laws of electro-physics by even working. Dale is extremely knowledgeable and will go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the highest VALUE solution – from fixing the existing problems, helping plan for contingencies, and even training my big old puppy (and me) how to coexist with the invisible fence. He goes the extra mile and in this day and age, that is indeed a refreshing discovery.
Tom C.
Castle Rock, CO
We did have a fence put in by Dale Husky and we were extremely satisfied with Dale's work. He is a wonderful and kind man with a great work ethic. He is very patient in explaining how it all works. He did a perfectionist's job. My husband is a perfectionist and after he saw the installation he was impressed! My husband and I interviewed a few other fence companies but nothing could compare to Dale and his product and his installation of the fence as well. The dogs are doing well and Dale will give you a plan that you follow. Your dogs will do great and Dale will do a great job for you. He is always available should you have any questions after the fence has been installed. You will be pleased!
Cindy N.
Loveland, CO
Hi Dale - I just finished the Angie's List review for the fence install, gave you straight A's of COURSE! Thank you so much for this system and for the great installation. I am thrilled with it! The dogs behaved exactly as you said they might. I was so glad for that timeline telling me what to do when because I forgot a lot. It's working like a charm. I'm so glad to be able to enjoy the yard and not have an escaping hound. This changes everything. Thank you! TOTAL SUCCESS!
Saundra M.
Evergreen, CO
Put in an underground pet fence around our 5 acre property to contain our dogs. From the first time I called Dale to the finished work on my property, he was competitive, responsive, kind and professional. I seriously can not say enough about Dale. I had called one other dog containment company and just didn't feel comfortable with them. Dale was cheaper, but that had nothing to do with us choosing him. He answered all of my questions so thoroughly and I felt his system was superior based on all the reading I did. He showed up on time, ended up installing twice what we originally discussed, did two zones (something the competitor avoided and didn't seem to want to do), and still after being here 10 hours, taught us about the system and helped train our dogs. Dale, his product and his service will NOT disappoint. I would certainly recommend him to anyone. He truly cares and does great work!!! I still haven't even completed my week of dog training because he just did our house Friday. However, I had to write my review..because I was so impressed. I have no doubt they will be trained and our system will bring us years of peace and freedom with our animals! Thanks Dale!!!! Curtis, Renee, Cash, Billie, Owen and Dog Rex/Dog Katie:-)
Renee G.
Eaton, CO
Wow- what a great experience. After our initial contact via email Dale called me and explained how the system works and what is included in the price. I was a bit shocked by the price at first but now am convinced we got a bargain. For $1499 he 'fenced in' our 2.45 acres, provided a complete system including a rechargeable collar (no batteries to buy) and spent the afternoon training the dog and us. After 2 weeks of following his very detailed training program as best we could, our dog is enjoying the yard and not chasing rabbits, deer, etc off the property. She is so happy and so are we. Thank you Dale!
Janine P.
Evergreen, CO.
Dale was prompt, courteous and thorough from start to finish. Respectful and informative on initial calls and scouting process. Punctual and complete with install process and initial training. Also has provided exceptional post-install support. Great job. Located and installed multi-acre invisible pet fence, and controller systems. Also began to train my dog; also trained me on how to train. Hailey seems to have learned the boundaries well. So all is good! Thanks again for all the great help and support, AND for a great product! It gives us great peace of mind knowing that Hailey will be staying close to home.
Pamela B
Berthoud, CO
A big job done right! The service, the attention to detail and the education was above and beyond what was expected – especially when a path was cut through an immensely dense grove of bushes…just to lay the line where I wanted it! Definitely a high recommendation from this customer! Thanks again!
M. Downey
Littleton, CO
He's done great. Learned after 2 days. Thank you so much. It's such a relief to know he won't leave the yard. We can let him lounge in the sun or go out by himself and he is so happy too. Christy
Christy L.
Denver, CO.
Hi Dale! Thanks for checking in. Piper is doing great! She loves the freedom of roaming the yard and the fence is working great to keep her safe. Now if only it would keep her from digging holes in the yard! But other than the holes, everything is great. Thanks for your top notch work and training instruction! Have s great weekend Jackie
Jackie S.
Littleton, CO.
Hello Dale, I just wanted to share how much we are enjoying our fence! Rosebud thoroughly enjoys hanging out with us out front. We are very happy with the invisible fence. Keep Smiling, Amanda
Amanda M.
Peyton, CO.
Great company. Was having collar problems and was contacted within 30 minutes. Explained the issue in detail and explained our charging error and was resolved in no time! Brought up my previous 3 star review. A company that cares and checks their reviews! You've calmed this dog moms fears. Frodo and Jinx thank you.
Spenser R.
Lone Tree, CO.
I had a fence jumper and Dale and his team installed the fence, did an excellent job training the dogs as well as myself. Problem solved. Dogs are happy, and I can relax knowing they are safe. Dale is wonderful to work with and knows his stuff!!
Ronda R.
Arvada, CO.
Dale was straight forward and great to work with. He explained the training and followed up. He really cares about his furry customers. Mako is enjoying all his new found freedom and the geese have moved on:). Yay for Colorado pet fence!!
Tamara Y.
Bow Mar, CO.
She knew not to cross the flags after about the first 48 hours. I have not done an enticement yet but I think she will do fine. She does not try to get out the gate anymore when it is open. I feel much more secure for her with the system in place.
Tom C.
Evergreen, CO.
Dale with Colorado Pet fence is incredible. Very professional and knowledgeable. He helped solve our problem of our dog jumping the fence. The wire was accidentally cut about a year after install and dale came out to the house and helped fix it ASAP, with no issues. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing or looking into a Colorado pet fence. Anyone knows that weather in Colorado can be unpredictable and schedules can change on the fly. Dale handles any issues with grace and respect. So very happy we used him!!! Thanks Dale !
Brooks M.
Denver, CO.
Dale was super friendly and knowledgable. The system works great and was more affordable than going directly through the invisible fence company. Long term savings via rechargable collars is also great. Highly recommended!
Kyle K.
Longmont, CO.
Thank you, Dale! I'll definitely provide a review and recommendations. More than happy to! Elway has passed the running bunny, and passing dog "test"....we're really happy and impressed with the system!! Have a great weekend, Liz
Liz R.
Broomfield, CO.
He is doing great! Real easy to train him. He had it in three days max.
Mary M.
Highlands Ranch, CO.
Good with the perimeter. He got hurt at daycare and had to wear a cone for two weeks until he got staples removed. But he is healed now and back free to roam when we work outside He loves the freedom.
Marla & Robert D.
Franktown, CO.
Dale, you have saved me hundreds of dollars in fines with Topper and Easton! My labs use to enjoy taking long trips around the neighborhood and the people at the dumb friends league had them as their favorites, even though they charged me $100 to get them out every time....and I had to bail them out of Doggy Jail OFTEN! Every time they would get out, I was concerned with them getting hit by cars and also coyotes in the area. We have had ZERO escapes in almost 1 year!!! . If you have ever lost your dogs for any length of time, you understand the panic involved. I now let my labs play for hours in the yard unattended thanks to our amazing system! We truly appreciate it Dale, THANK YOU!
Shane & Jennifer L.
Castle Rock, CO.
You installed a fantastic outside fence for us about a year ago. We have been very happy with it.
Amy H.
Greenwood Village
Installed wireless pet fence around all 5 acres and dog training instruction. Excellent - very happy with them. Expensive I thought but they do the job right.
Tim Y.
Franktown, CO.
Installed an invisible fence to keep our dogs on the property. It was fantastic. Dale was great to work with, efficient, professional, and explained everything to us.
Shrine M.
Highlands Ranch, CO.
Dale installed an electric fence for our dog. Dale was very prompt. He did exactly what he said he would. The cost was the same as his quote. He showed us how the system worked and answered all of our questions. He also has taken a few calls with additional questions. He is very friendly and trustworthy and has a great deal of experience in helping dogs learn to know about the fence.
Marci G.
Golden, CO.
Colorado Pet Fence did an amazing job. They showed up right on time and completed exactly when they said they would. The instructions for training our dog, both verbal and written, were extremely clear. Our dog, Harley, learned the boundaries even sooner than we were told would happen and we can confidently leave her out in the yard for long periods. The invisible fence is an amazing product that works as advertised and I highly recommend Colorado Pet Fence. Gordon Koury Cell Phone 303-913-6433
Gordon K.
Highlands Ranch, CO.
Dale Huskey was great to work with. He was able to answer all of my questions, was very professional, punctual and delivered a fantastic product at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Dale to anyone looking for an in ground pet containment system. I no longer have to worry about the safety of my puppy when she goes out.
Lora B.
Monument, CO.
Training went really well. I got worried because we had trouble finding major distractions to get her try to leave the yard. She's wandered close a few times and must hear the beep and quickly gets back. It is so nice to have this now. We are out front a lot and she is contained! Woo hoo!! Thanks!
Anna G.
Ken Caryl, CO.
Dale, Just wanted to thank you for your quick response and for sending the collar parts I needed. I truly appreciate your willingness to offer such great customer service!
Cheri T.
Elizabeth, CO.
"I truly appreciate your prompt request for service. I chose to take a chance on an alternative pet fence service provider rather than the national brand, and I was more than impressed with my experience. I look forward to engaging in future discussion and developing a long term solution for the safety of our four legged family members. Thanks again for such great service."
Kraig H.
Greenwood Village, CO.
The boys have completed their training and received high marks. They figured it out right away. Thank you.
Dale J.
Estes Park, CO
"Hi Dale, you installed our fence out in Elizabeth…we have the 2 Brittany Spaniels. We just wanted to say thank you and let you know the dogs are doing great with the system."
Karen E.
Elizabeth, CO
Prompt friendly service. Technician was ontime and quick to diagnose issue. Thoroughly explained process and findings. Once the issue was isolated, our technician quickly repaired the system and tested to my satisfaction. I now feel as though i can let my dogs outside without supervision again. Thanks.
Evan W.
Sedalia, CO
Dale was on time & professional he did a great job.
Rebecca J.
Arvada, CO
"Colorado Pet Fence installed an electric pet fence around the perimeter of my yard and worked with me to train both of my dogs. I received 4 different quotes before selecting Colorado Pet Fence. There were a few of reasons I went with them: 1) They had the lowest of the 4 bids 2) Rechargeable collars 3) Their Guarantee 4) I liked Dale. He came out and installed on a weekend, which was great for us because my wife and I both work. We spent the afternoon after the installation reviewing the system setup and working with our dogs to begin training them. Within a week, I managed to cut through the fence wire while doing some yard work. I called Dale and he was out within a day to fix it for me (at no charge). Overall, a great experience and I would recommend Colorado Pet Fence to anyone. And most importantly, my dogs haven’t left the yard since the fence was installed!"
Jay R.
Highlands Ranch (Backcountry), CO
"I traded in my Invisible Fence product for the Colorado Pet Fence invisible fence system. Dale came to appt. on time, installed new system, gave me a lesson in the new system. Prior to appointment, was quick to answer email and phone call. Our dog is doing fine with the Colorado Pet Fence system. Works just like the old one but I never have to buy another expensive battery for the dog’s collar; this collar is rechargeable. Very happy so far! Recharged the battery for the first time last week and it was quick and easy. The entire controller is also smaller which makes it easier for us."
Mary J.
Lone Tree, CO
Absolutely excellent service! The owner is caring, prompt, professional and helpful. All follow-up questions were immediately answered in a caring way. I think he is very honest and building a solid business.
Jennifer M.
Castle Pines, CO
Dale Huskey, the owner, installed the fence system today. I have gotten several other estimates. Not only was his cheaper I like the batteries are rechargeable as I have several dogs. He was a pleasure to work with. Extremely professional and is all about the dogs and their safety. He did a superb job and would use him again in a heartbeat.
Mary E.
Evergreen, CO
Thanks, Dale. Maggie is doing well with the fence – we are thankful for it.
Jennifer C.
Castle Pines, CO
Mak is doing wonderfully. We’ve never seen him test the fence. He seems content with the territory he’s allowed. Even when he’s in a dead run after something, he pulls up at about 20-30 feet from the line.
Renee G.
Larkspur, CO
A break in my previously installed electric dog fence was found and repaired. Dale then came back to create a trench in the gravel drive and bury the wire. Responsive, punctual, thorough, and professional. We have found our go-to company for services of this kind. A+
Staci K.
Morrison, CO
Great company, excellent product and customer service. Highly recommend!! The rechargeable collars are a big plus and the training and support is outstanding.
Jodi U.
Lone Tree, CO
Our dogs are doing well - not leaving, or chasing deer 🙂 They are safe! Thanks again.
Karen T.
Buena Vista, CO
Hi Dale. Just wanted to let you know everything is working out so well with the fence! Thank you again for your advice on corrections etc. Very pleased. Oh! Izzy did not even go after the neighbor’s cat! Instead the cat came up to her and they touched noses. So cute!
Karen B.
Golden, CO
I have loved the fence and being able to have the dogs in the front yard with me without worrying about them running off or going after other dogs. Thank you!
Karen S.
Lakewood, CO
Dale promptly returned my call for estimate and arrived on time for the appt. He was friendly, knowledgeable and completed the work on schedule. Training was well - organized and clear. He left the line open for questions on additional training needs.
Jinnah P.
Castle Rock, CO
Extended my "invisible fence" out for our new dog. Previously, smaller diameter. 1/2 cost of the local company who was going to charge so much more! He was honest. I felt like he wasn't going to sell me something I didn't need. Didn't overcharge me. Kept his price reasonable.
Kathy M.
Colorado Springs, CO
Terrific job professional, friendly knowledgeable, punctual, communicated well, provided a great solution to contain our fence jumping dog. Dale is outstanding.
Ruben R.
Highlands Ranch, CO
Dale was on time, extremely knowledgeable about the system and very friendly. Even when we had a small, minor issue months later he came over right away and fixed it with no charge.
Julie & Scott R.
Arvada, CO