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We Install And Repair Pet Fences In Your Boulder Location

Colorado Pet Fence is a local independent contractor with more than 10 years experience installing pet containment systems by brands such as Invisible Fence®, Pet Safe®, PetSafe® Professional, DogWatch® and others. It doesn’t matter what type of pet containment system you want to use, we can help you get it installed quickly. We’re an invisible fencing service provider for Boulder residents.

For current owners of Invisible Fence® brand products, Colorado Pet Fence offers outstanding trade-in prices on used Invisible Fence® systems. You can upgrade your existing wireless pet fence for a more economic Rechargeable system. Colorado Pet Fence also offers compatible collars and batteries for Invisible Fence® brand products and Independent service on Invisible Fence® brand containment systems.

In fact, we service several locations in Boulder and other areas, including;

*Denver, Evergreen, Aurora, Cascade, Avondale, Aspen, Glendale, and Monarch. 

At Colorado Pet Fence, we understand how important your pets are to your family. Keeping your pets safe and happy is our priority. We only use the highest quality products in our systems to provide years of maintenance free performance. Our products are also veterinarian recommended as a safe and effective way to contain your pets.

At Colorado Pet Fence, we can repair any brand of electric pet fence. We service Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop™, Dog Guard™, DogWatch™, and PetSafe®.


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Keeping Your Dog Safe And Giving You Peace Of Mind Is Our Top Priority

No One In Boulder Does It Better: We’re Proud To Be Locally Owned Right Here In Colorado

For more than a decade now, we’ve been installing pet fence systems in Boulder, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Denver, and throughout Eastern Colorado. Over that span, we’ve helped thousands of customers install pet containment systems.

If you live in Boulder and want to learn more about getting a pet fence installed on your property, just fill out the form above and we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible. 

If you need to reach us right now, you can call 303-725-4800. If we don’t answer right away, we’re on a call with another customer. However, if you’d leave your name, number, and message, we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

Systems And Equipment

If you need a replacement transmitter for Invisible Fence™ – we always have several in stock. We sometimes have other brands available, so please ask. Since Invisible Fence™ is a common system in the Colorado area we always have these systems available as a result of people trading them in. These are previously owned systems and prices will vary based on condition.

Rechargable Batteries

As a convenience to the pet owners in our area, we also keep a stock of replacement batteries for the most popular brands of pet containment systems. This includes Invisible Fence™, Pet Stop™, Dog Guard™, Dog Watch™, Contain-A-Pet™, and Pet Safe™. These batteries will either be from the original manufacturer, or exact replacements made by a third party. All batteries are guaranteed to work in your collar. Prices will vary based on the battery – but typically will be less expensive than “dealer” supplied batteries or the cost of batteries in a typical “battery plan”.

Dog Collars

If you already own an Invisible Fence™ system and just need to buy another collar, we have used collars that will save you hundreds of dollars versus buying new. We’ll come to your house and make sure it is in good working order and will work with your system. All collars are used and prices will vary according to condition.

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