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Local Electric Dog Fence Company Serving Larkspur, CO and Surrounding Areas

At Colorado Pet Fence, the safety and well-being of your beloved pet reign supreme. We’re committed to providing you with a low-cost fencing system that fits your budget and ensures both security and peace of mind. Plus, with our manufacturers providing a two-year full replacement guarantee and a lifetime warranty, you can trust in the durability and reliability of our products.

And if that’s not enough, our no-risk, 100% money-back containment guarantee on our electric dog fence systems ensures your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Benefits Of A Colorado Pet Fence Installation

Guaranteed Low Cost Fencing System

Top-Rate Service From Start To Finish (And Beyond)

No-Risk 100% MONEY BACK Containment Guarantee

Highly Recommended Electric Pet Fence

With more than 15 years in business, Colorado Pet Fence has provided customers and their pets a better life thanks to our exceptional customer service, unlimited training, risk-free promise, and expert installationjust look at our customer testimonials & reviews!

As a locally owned company operating out of the Front Range area, we take immense pride in the excellence of the service we deliver to every customer. Experience the difference in care and customer service from our family-run, Colorado-owned, independent company.

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Electric Dog Fence Installation & Repair Services In Larkspur, CO

Do you have an unfenced property or an existing fence that your dog jumps over or digs under? Our advanced wireless dog fence system, developed with cutting-edge technology, is GUARANTEED to keep your dog safely in your yard or outdoor perimeter.

Offering freedom and safety for your dog within the boundary, this vet-approved system is both effective and secure. The smart receiver/collar and smart transmitter provide the most customizable options available.

Our invisible dog fence is installed underground, preserving your property’s appearance while offering total safety for your pet and total peace of mind for you. With the knowledge that our system ensures your pet’s safety, you can relax knowing they can roam freely within the boundaries without harm.

We also do professional repairs to any brand of pet fence, including brands Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop™, Dog Guard™, Dog Watch™, and PetSafe®.

Rechargeable Dog Collars

Colorado Pet Fence features containment systems with rechargeable collars, offering the lowest cost of ownership of any professionally installed pet containment system in the Larkspur Area.

With these systems, batteries are a thing of the past – there’s no longer any need for them. This provides owners with a convenient and efficient way to keep their furry friends safe while eliminating the hassle of batteries and streamlining everything into one powerful device. 

Our rechargeable collars flash green every few seconds to assure you that they are working and keeping your dog safe. If the light blinks red or stops flashing, it’s time for a charge.

This way, every day when you put the collar on your dog, you can be certain that it is functioning properly, and provide secure pet fencing solutions for your beloved companions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The winner is clear – hidden pet fences are a better solution than a traditional fence.

Hidden Fences Are Less Expensive

A hidden fence is more versatile and significantly less expensive than traditional fencing. Maintenance on a hidden fence also pales in comparison to upkeep for a traditional fence.

Hidden Fences Are More Reliable

For purposes of keeping your dog or cat safe on your property, the hidden dog is the clear winner. Once a dog figures out how to climb under, get through, or jump over a traditional fence you have a serious problem. Whereas with the hidden pet fence, your pets are trained to stay exactly where they belong.

Hidden Fences Have Open Views

The open views on your property that are allowed by the electric dog fence are something both you and your animals can enjoy.

NO. The mild correction that your dog feels is designed to be undesirable so your dog will avoid it, yet is totally harmless and humane for dogs down to 5 pounds. Our systems give the dog an audible alert BEFORE a correction is received. Your dog will quickly associate the audible alarm with impending discomfort, so he or she will soon understand where the boundaries are.

With a success rate at over 99.5%, almost all dogs can be successfully trained to stay safely in their yard with our systems. There are a few breeds or circumstances that may need special consideration. We will discuss your situation with you before we begin any installation.

Absolutely not. When we complete the installation, you will have a hard time determining where the wire has been located. We use specialized equipment designed specifically for laying the wire without any damage to your lawn. A very thin groove is made in your lawn to bury the wire. The groove is covered up before we leave.

Colorado Pet Fence has the most comprehensive and longest guarantee in the industry.

Our rechargeable collars save you lots of $$$ every year and are also more kind to the environment than rechargeable battery collars.

All the companies in our area share the same basic technology that was invented by Invisible Fence® many years ago. Each has a good product and will help you keep your dog safe. We truly believe that each company operates with the well being of your pet as their top priority and each of them has an effective product. So, your choice comes down to finding a company that you trust and that offers you the best overall value. Colorado Pet Fence has the best guarantee in the industry and you save hundreds of dollars with our rechargeable collar system.

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Happy Customers

Dog owners can relax knowing their pet is safe in the yard and we back it with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Hundreds of customers have trusted us for all their wireless dog fence needs. Compare Colorado Pet Fence vs Invisible Fence® – see the differences for yourself here.

Highly Recommended Electric Pet Fence

For more than 10 years, Colorado Pet Fence customers have enjoyed a better life with their pets because of our customer service, unlimited training, risk-free promise, and expert installation.

Stylish Collars

Your dog or cat will look stylish with our Lupine® collars.

Colorado Pet Fence®

Colorado Pet Fence® is locally owned and operated, based here in Denver, Colorado. We’ve helped thousands of local residents install brand new pet fence systems, as well as repairing Invisible Fence®, Pet Safe®, PetSafe® Professional, DogWatch® and others. With over 10+ years of experience and over 100+ verified Google reviews, Colorado Pet Fence® is your top local pet fence installer.

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