Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins, CO

While other refer to their dogs as pets, many of us refer to our fuzzy friends as family. Only pet owners can relate, but keeping your dog safe is a priority. This practice and way of thinking has made Colorado Pet Fence one of the top providers for Denver pet fence. Our company has been serving the Denver area for decades. We have a proud history of protecting dogs and their owners for decades. And if you’re looking for a reliable pet fence in Denver, Colorado Pet Fence should be your first choice.

Our electronic pet fence ensures the safety of your pet and the safety of others.

Keeping your pet within the boundaries of your home can be a daunting challenge. We understand that you likely want to allow your dog the freedom of roaming the yard. While most dogs are safe on the property, safety quickly drops when your pet leaves the comfort of the yard.

If your dog runs away, what’s the worse that can happen?

  • Your dog never returns
  • Your dog may bite someone (you don’t want to deal with legal issues)
  • Your dog could be injured (or worse)
  • Your dog may not be prepared for outside elements (referring to house dogs)


So what can you do to protect you and your dog?

Our underground pet fence is the perfect solution. We will place our pet fence underground, so physically speaking, you actually get a wireless pet fence as you’ll see no lines or fencing.

The best part about our Denver pet fence is the fact that it’s Vet approved and guaranteed to be 100 percent safe. The safety of you and your pet is our utmost concern, something that we don’t take lightly.

Our Denver pet fence also comes with nearly $900 worth of Rechargeable Collars for your pet. 

It doesn’t matter what size of a property you have, Colorado Pet Fence can cover it.

What are the benefits of having our pet fence installed?

  • Peace of mind
  • Extra rechargeable collars
  • Affordable quick solution
  • Keeps your dog on your property
  • 100 percent safe for your pet


You have nothing to lose by contacting us, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today at 303-725-4800 and ask for Dale. We’d be glad to answer any questions you may have about our Denver pet fence services. You can also use our contact page. We’re the ONLY Invisible Fence® Repair Denver provider with a proven track record and you have nothing to lose, call today and get a free quote.

Be sure to also check out our customer FAQ page for the most common questions we get.