Why Us

At Colorado Pet Fence, we understand how important your pets are to your family. Keeping your pets safe and happy is our priority. We only use the highest quality products in our systems to provide years of maintenance free performance. Our products are also veterinarian recommended as a safe and effective way to contain your pets.

Colorado Pet Fence will beat all competitors pricing of comparable system that includes installation and warranty. Additionally, with competitors non-rechargeable collars, you can expect to pay up to $1,100 per collar during the average life expectancy of a pet. Add that to the cost of a system and you will see why COLORADO PET FENCE is your Overall Lowest Cost Pet Fencing System.

At Colorado Pet Fence, we use the latest technology in rechargeable collars (Lithium Ion or Nickel Metal Hydride). You no longer have to wait for a replacement battery to arrive in the mail. With battery collars, you have to have an access point to get to the battery. This point is a potential entry for moisture which will damage or destroy the electronics in a collar. Most collars we supply do not have any access points, making the collars truly WATERPROOF, not just water-resistant. At up to $17.50 per battery, some will be tempted to stretch the life of each battery. This will not be an issue with your Colorado Pet Fence collars.

We pride ourselves in providing superior installation and training. From the industry leading transmitters and collars, superior wire quality, running wire through 1/2″ plastic conduit in all necessary areas, and taking the time to do the job RIGHT, we know that you will be satisfied with Colorado Pet Fence. We will assist you in training your pets with our Gentle and Fun Boundary Training Program. The program is based upon many years of experience training thousands of pets to electric pet fences. Our program has been reviewed and approved by several top pet trainers. It is the most effective training program we have seen.

The Colorado Pet Fence system includes a Patented “Run-Through Prevention” feature that will override the warning tone. It delivers a convincing correction ONLY in the event that the collar determines a pet is making a run at the boundary. Our systems can do this while maintaining the warning tone feature for all other situations where the pet merely wanders close to the boundary. We provide the ONLY system that can give you both Run-Through protection and a humane audible warning feature. You get the best of both worlds with a system from Colorado Pet Fence.

All of our systems include the industry leading Lightening Surge Protector. The system is designed to protect your Colorado Pet Fence containment system for failure due to lightening strikes. We use the newest technology, unlike some pet fence companies that still use the less effective external lightening protection.

At Colorado Pet Fence, we are a Colorado owned and operated company. We are not a large franchise that has dealerships throughout the country, with profits going to an out of state corporate headquarters. You will be truly be supporting the local Colorado economy when dealing with us.

The equipment we use is manufactured by some of the world’s leading pet containment manufacturers. All of our manufacturers provide a one-year full replacement guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty. On top of the manufacturer’s guarantees, we supplement that with many other features that are not found anywhere else. Many of our products are manufactured and guaranteed by PetSafe®, that’s the same company that owns the following brands: Invisible Fence®, PetSafe®, and Innotek®. We also carry products manufactured and guaranteed by Perimeter Technologies™, Dogtra™, Contain-A-Pet™, and Tri-Tronics™. These are all respected names in the pet containment and electronic dog training industry. If you ever have any problems with your hardware, you can deal directly with us and we will take care of everything for you.

At Colorado Pet Fence, we can repair any brand of electric pet fence. We service Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop™, Dog Guard™, DogWatch™, and PetSafe®.