What’s the cost of Invisible Fence®? Fair question and we have the answers.

One of the most common wireless pet fence containment systems on the market is Invisible Fence®. For current owners of Invisible Fence® brand products, Colorado Pet Fence offers outstanding trade-in prices on used Invisible Fence® systems. You can upgrade your existing product for a more economic Rechargeable system. Colorado Pet Fence also offers compatible collars and batteries for Invisible Fence® brand products and Independent service on Invisible Fence® brand containment systems.

How Much Does Invisible Fence® Cost?

Now, how much will it cost you to get Invisible Fence®? Is it a cost-effective pet fence system? Most invisible fence companies will charge around $1,000-$2,000 to install your pet fence. Please keep in mind, this is just an average, some pet fence companies may charge a little less or a little more. There’s a lot of different factors that control the cost of Invisible Fence®.

  • Property Size
  • Underground Obstacles
  • How Many Dogs
  • What Size Dogs
  • Pet Fence Wiring Quality
  • Pet Fence Collars
  • Training
  • Used Invisible Fence® Equipment

Property Size

How big is your property? Or at the least, how big is the boundary where you want to add your electric pet fence? The bigger the boundary, the more pet fence that will need to be installed.

Underground Obstacles

Now, Invisible Fence® is an underground dog fence pet containment system. It will need to be placed underground. Although this pet fence is wireless, it’s possible that your property has obstacles underground that may need to be removed. If there is, you can save money by removing those ahead of time. You can call a pet fence expert prior to doing so.

How Many Dogs And What Size Are They

If you have multiple dogs, these dogs will need to go through a training period to get them use to the pet fence. On top of that, each dog will require a pet fence collar. This collar is what will alert your dogs when they get close to the pet fence boundary. Larger dog breeds may need more training and time to adjust while smaller breeds may need less training. In the end, every dog is unique and every scenario can be different.

Installing A Pet Fence Yourself

If you decide to install your pet fence yourself, you would likely expect to pay around $500 on average. Again, there’s a lot of things to factor, it’s just an estimate.

Training Your Dogs

If you haven’t trained your dog to adjust to a pet fence, it can be a challenge. All dog breeds are different and unique, but no one knows your dog better than you. Most invisible pet fence companies provide training free of charge or included into the overall price. If you have multiple dogs, this can be a big benefit.

Used Invisible Fence® Equipment

If you work with a pet fence company like Colorado Pet Fence, they can save you money by using previously used equipment.