Worry-Free No Escape Hidden Fence Technology

The Worry-Free No Escape Difference

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Unfenced property? Existing fence that dog is jumping over or digging out of?
Technology has allowed us to develop a system over the years that is GUARANTEED to keep your dog safely in your yard.
Freedom and Safety for your dog, Peace of Mind for you!
The technology in the Colorado Pet Fence system is built right into the smart receiver/collar and the smart transmitter
– giving you the safest, most secure and most customizable options available.

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[service image_id=”3540″ icon=”fa-tint” title=”Safety Always Comes First” column=”1/3″]Our invisible, electronic fences allow your pet to enjoy the freedom of your yard without the worry of them running away or getting into trouble – all in a Safe, Vet Approved solution. An audible tone and adjustable static correction from your pet’s collar will not hurt him or her. [/service]
[service image_id=”3539″ icon=”fa-tablet” title=”Peace of Mind for ANY Property Size” column=”1/3″]Our pet containment solutions create an invisible fence boundary in any size yard – big or small – that your dog is trained to stay within. Keep the great outdoors truly great for your dog or cat – no matter what the size of your property.[/service]
[service image_id=”3538″ icon=”fa-gift” title=”Save $840 with Rechargeable Collars” column=”1/3″]Charge the collar when you see the light and you won’t ever have to worry about your pet running running away due to battery failure. You’ll never have to guess when to change the battery – or purchase an expensive battery you don’t need.[/service]