How It Works

How It Works

The technology in the electronic fence system is built right into the smart receiver/collar and the smart transmitter.
The fence is buried out of sight to preserve the beauty of your landscape. Settings are customized
With our hands-on training, most pets learn to stay within the fence in a matter of days.

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Smart Zone

In the Smart Zone, the system can be programmed for a variety of settings including the warning time and how the correction is initiated. We determine with you exactly where the smart zones are located.

Fail Safe Zone

If your pet tries to run away or chase after a squirrel outside of the invisible fence, the Fail Safe Zone instantly activates a correction at the highest pre-programmed level to ensure your pet – no matter what breed or temperament – stays safe in the yard.

Invisible Wire

Carefully buried under the ground with our one-year no cut guarantee, the signal from the wire communicates directly with your dog’s electronic collar.

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