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Colorado Pet Fence is the highest rated local hidden pet fence company in all of Colorado. Get a free home quote. Exclusive Training,  100% Containment Guarantee, and Vet Approved. Over 10 Years Experience. We use Rechargeable Collars and service Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop™, Dog Guard™, Dog Watch™, Contain-A-Pet™,Innotek®, PetSafe® and All Others.

Terri Peterson
Terri Peterson
Dale spent a lot of time on the phone helping us troubleshoot our broken PetSafe underground fence. Once it was determined we could not repair it ourselves he fit us into their schedule the same week. The techs that came out were professional and communicative. They quickly diagnosed and repaired the fence within an hour.
Callie Kleinschnitz
Callie Kleinschnitz
Dale, with Colorado Pet Fence, has been so professional and attentive to us as customers. We have been thoroughly pleased with the quality of fence as well as the timely responsiveness of Dale. We are so glad we chose this company over Invisible Fence, in fact, we will be using Colorado Pet Fence at our new home as well.
April Bolin
April Bolin
Dale and his crew installed a hidden pet fence in our yard. We needed it in a hurry because we were going out of town. We also needed to train our dog to work with the fence. This company fit us in to their busy schedule and gave us thorough training in record time! We were able to enjoy our vacation knowing our dog was safe at home. That was 1 1/2 years ago. Recently a neighbor’s dog dug up and chewed a part of the fence wire. We called Dale to see what we needed to do to fix this, HE CALLED US RIGHT BACK EVEN THOUGH HE WAS ON VACATION OUT OF THE COUNTRY! He left us a message with detailed instructions on how to fix it ourselves and offered to help if needed when he got back from vacation.THIS COMPANY GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND WITH THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
Kelly Djokovic
Kelly Djokovic
Dale has been fantastic to work with. From the first call to service calls and inquiries Dale has been there for all our pet fence needs and questions. His team is professional and knowledgeable. We’ve had our pet fence for close to two years and the CO Pet Fence is awesome. Our pup loves her freedom that CO Pet Fence has given her. I was referred to Dale by neighbors and I will continue to refer Dale and CO Pet Fence to others.
Heather Ponce
Heather Ponce
This saved my dogs life! He was always escaping and would have gotten hit. The training and service was awesome!!! It works wonderfully and we should have done it so much sooner!
Theodore Dutcher
Theodore Dutcher
Colorado Pet Fence is a wonderful company with great professional service that pays attention to the little things of a client's needs. Dale is very responsive and his teams are very talented and have the "can do" approach to the most difficult challenges. Our little Peeka and Boo are the most spunky little devils....and I was a bit apprehensive that the electronic fence concept would be able to train these two "balls of curiosity!" To my amazement and pleasure it worked! Call Colorado Pet Fence and I am sure you will be pleased with the results!
Kaela Passarelli
Kaela Passarelli
TLDR: You should definitely call and have Colorado Pet Fence come out and help protect your pups. Excellent service and it works! Just follow through on the instructions or give Dale a call. 11/10. I want to share that we had Colorado Pet Fence install an underground invisible fence on 4 acres of our property to help contain our German Shepherd Dog and two LGD puppies in early October 2021. I cannot recommend Dale and his crew highly enough. Dale was extremely professional and called me back promptly and communicated thoroughly (why that should be so impressive is a sad commentary on a lot of contractors but it is what is it). Our property crosses a creek and when we explained the purpose of our dogs and how they would be protecting our livestock, Dale thought my original not-so-good plan wasn't very good and said we had to set this up in a way that would allow the dogs to work both sides of the creek. If there was going to be livestock on both sides they needed access to both sides so they could work the way they were meant to! He sincerely cares about your dog(s) and your individual situation. He and his crew even ripped up a bunch of laid line when I expressed concern the dogs wouldn't be able to go through an important gate and relaid it, easily an extra hours worth of work. This is not an easy place to bury a line, being in the rocky mountain foothills but I could not have asked for better work despite a number of unexpected underground finds. The materials are extremely clear on the terms of training the dog and I waited to write this review until the puppies were old enough to be trained on it and can safely say if you follow the instructions, the dogs will learn and be contained. Given our breeds Dale was very clear exactly what he felt the fence could do and didn't promise us the moon but we have received it nonetheless. It has given our dogs so much more freedom to be outside where they'd rather be while I am inside working. I found the price very reasonable for what we were asking them to do - help ensure the continued health and safety of our working dogs near a busy highway. You should definitely hire Dale and have this fence installed.
Jennifer Boggs
Jennifer Boggs
Full service installation and orientation to training plus phone support for training thereafter. We had an issue with a bad battery in one of the collars in the first week and they sent a replacement right away for free. Both of our dogs are doing great on the invisible fence.

Freedom And Safety For Your Pets...
Peace Of Mind For You

The technology in the underground pet fence is built right into the smart receiver/collar and the smart transmitter. The fence is buried out of sight to preserve the beauty of your landscape. Settings are customized. With our hands-on training, most pets learn to stay within the wireless pet fence in just a few days. We have a large service area, we can install your electric pet fence in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Boulder, Lakewood, Englewood, Littleton, Henderson, and throughout Central Colorado. Call 303-725-4800 to get a personalized home pet fence quote today.

Local Colorado

The ONLY Non-Franchise Electric Dog Fence Company in Colorado. Over 7,000 of your furry Colorado neighbors contained.

"Smart" Rechargeable Collars

Save up to $1,100 per dog!  Charge every 30-45 days.  2 hr. for complete charge.  Save money and avoid throwing batteries in the trash every 3 months.  Insert green RECYCLE logo”.


100% Containment

We will contain your dog or receive a complete refund.  We are that confident in our product and training. 

Award Winning Training Included

Our Fair and Gentle training program is guaranteed to keep your dogs contained.  Developed by animal behaviorist.  Within a few days, your dog will be enjoying their freedom and you their safety.


Proudly Built
In The U.S.A.

We’re proud to say all of our products are built right here in the United States Of America. They’re built to last.


No Property Too
Big Or Small

Colorado Pet Fence Pet Fence Installation 2022

Unfenced property?  Dog jumping over or digging under your physical fence?  Fence fighting with neighbor’s dog?  Kids leaving doors open?  Trying to protect your landscaping areas?  We have the solution to fit your needs!


How Our Hidden Pet Fence Works

The technology in the underground pet fence is built right into the smart receiver/collar and the smart transmitter. The fence is buried out of sight to preserve the beauty of your landscape. Settings are customized. With our hands-on training, most pets learn to stay within the wireless pet fence in just a few days.

(1) Smart Zone

In the Smart Zone, the system can be programmed for a variety of settings including the warning time and how the correction is initiated. We determine with you exactly where the smart zones are located.

(2) Fail Safe Zone

If your pet tries to run away or chase after a squirrel outside of the underground fence, the Fail Safe Zone instantly activates a correction at the highest pre-programmed level to ensure your pet – no matter what breed or temperament – stays safe in the yard.

(3) Hidden Wire

Carefully buried under the ground with our one-year no cut guarantee, the signal from the wire communicates directly with your dog’s electronic collar.

(4) Safe & Trusted

We have plenty of Veterinarians as our customers! Naturally, we wonder if there’s any harm to our dog, right? No worry, your dog will not be harmed at all. Our electric pet fence is completely safe and effective. 

Don't Rely On GPS Pet Systems

Over the last few years, we’ve helped many customers transition from GPS wireless pet systems to underground wired pet systems. Many of them are still having trouble with their pet containment systems – months later. Our wireless dog fence system is always up and running, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of your pet fence system failing over and over again. Discover the difference for yourself, call us today to learn why so many are making the switch.

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