Electric Pet Fence, often referred to generically as “Invisible Fence ” is not only safe for your dog, it is recommended by veterinarians as safe and effective way to contain your pet.  If you dog is 5 pounds or larger, an electric pet fence is a great alternative to a physical fence.

Electric Pet Fence Success Rate

With over a 99.5% success rate, virtually every dog can be contained by an electronic dog fence.  A lot of our customers have ask if our wireless pet fence is safe and the answer is yes. Depending upon the breed, we recommend that a dog be about 4 months old prior to starting on a hidden fence system.  A gentle and effective training program is implemented to insure that your dog stays safely contained within the boundary.  Usually, the training takes about one week.  After that, your dog will know his or her boundary and stay safely within it.

How Does Electric Pet Fence Work

How does an electric pet fence work?  We get this question daily.  After installed, the boundary is flagged, giving the dog a visual of his or her area.  As the dog approached the boundary, the collar emits an audible tone indicating approach of the boundary.  If the dog continues, the collar emits a safe “static correction” similar to when we touch a doorknob.  The correction level is controllable depending on dog size and temperament.  Most people are surprised to find that the average dog receives 7 to 9 corrections in their lifetime on a hidden fence, most coming the first week during training.  Once trained, your dog may NEVER get another correction.  Most dogs do not test the boundary once they figure out where they can or can’t go.

Peace Of Mind For All Pet Owners

Another common issue we encounter is a homeowner has an existing physical fence that the dog is jumping over, digging under or kids leaving gates open.  Many of the underground pet fences that we install are for people with an existing fence.  It is more common than you think.  Whether it is a low split rail fence that your HOA requires, or a 6’ privacy fence that the dog can jump, adding an underground dog fence is an effective solution.  I have personally never had a dog continue to breach a physical fence when used in conjunction with an electric dog fence.

Again, often referred to generically as an “Invisible Fence.”, an Electric Dog Fence will not only provide safety for your dog, but peace of mind for you! If you’re looking for an invisible fence installer in Colorado, we can help. Give us a call today for a free quote.